Find Talent Anywhere, Faster, and at a Lower Cost

Find quality talent and reduce your workforce costs by up to 25% – 40% with PeopleLoop.

Simply post your jobs, or have your PeopleLoop account manager post your jobs, to our cloud-based platform – The LOOP. Our recruiters then submit applicants for your open jobs, while you review and rate these applicants in real-time, requesting interviews where appropriate.

PeopleLoop manages the communication and processes directly with the client on each candidate submitted by the recruiter network.

Once you select workers,  PeopleLoop can provide the resources to compliantly pay them if required. This can be especially helpful if you’re sourcing temps, contractors and project-based workers. Our fee structure is simple, we charge your company 2% a month of the annualized salary of the recruited worker. See here for more info.

With PeopleLoop, you can extend your recruitment reach further than ever before and enjoy the convenience of reviewing, hiring and engaging applicants at any time, from any device.